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Services & Partners



Services offered


  1. Provision of Information on
    1. Modern Scientific Practices
    2. Organic Farming
    3. Soil and Water Management Practices
    4. Pest and Disease Management
    5. Farm Equipment
    6. Credit, Marketing, Processing
    7. Value addition
    8. Latest Technology available
    9. Quality and Certification
    10. Exports
    11. Government Policies
    12. Government Schemes / Programmes / Projects
    13. Corporate / Private sector activities and Services
    14. Market Price and other information
    15. Weather watch
    16. Success Stories
    17. Agri-Statistics
    18. News
    19. Latest trends in Global Agriculture
    20. Answers to queries
  2. Capacity Building in
    1. Technology
    2. Farm Book Keeping
    3. Business Skills and Entrepreneurship Development
    4. Marketing
    5. Project Management
    6. Need based areas
  3. Facilitate in organizing the farmers into Self Help  Groups/ Associations and federations,
  4. Based on an identified economic activity - encourage, enable, organize and consolidate small farmers / their SHGs a collective identity and impart capacity building and entrepreneurship skills in partnership with various interested institutions.
  5. Consolidation and institutionalization of collective action of small farmers through structural changes.
  6. Facilitate building corporations (of the small farmers) in partnership with NGOs, Community Based Organisations, Cooperatives, Private Sector, R & D Institutions, Local bodies, Government and International Agencies and generate income rather than limiting themselves to survive and restrict to village economy.
  7. Facilitate linkages with Credit, R&D Institution, Marketing and Value Addition.
  8. Information on various National Institutes, Crop Research Centers.
  9. Preparation of / Guidance in need based Projects / Profiles including Vetting of Project Profiles
  10. Networking with various interested organizations.
  11. Identify areas where the Farmers / their Organisations can profit and compete in the market for gain with professional assistance
  12. offers direct access to a large knowledge base and network of experts in practical food chain applications from raw agricultural materials, to finished goods, to the point of sale
  13. Library
  14. Facilitate in the Development of Produce Collection (markets) Centres under the management of Producers and sale at these centres only.
  15. Enabling the farmers in launching branded value added products.
  16. Facilitate in the marketing of Farm Produce to the advantage of  the Farmer at a given time / period
  17. Providing Venture Capital and bridging debt equity ratio gaps and guarantees in financing the projects (including Marketing Infrastructure) by the financial institutions
  18. To undertake project studies by expertise in collaboration with the enterprise showing interest in the project.
  19. Awards to outstanding Farming Entrepreneurs and Organic Farmers
  20. Educating the farmers on the merits and demerits of corporate    concentration and vertical integration among transnational agro-food companies including the threat to the sustainability of the most important industry on earth the global food system.

a.  seeks to provide a central, accurate and in-depth source of information on corporate agribusiness's economic, social and environmental impacts on family farmers, rural communities, ecosystems and consumers.

b.  educating the public and organizing campaigns for environmentally responsible and economically and socially just corporate accountability practices in agribusiness.

c.  Education and outreach efforts

a.  using the Internet to disseminate information on corporate agribusiness and corporate farm and food technology,

b.  Newsletter at the earliest researching traditional media (newspapers, magazines, radio and television) through news releases, op-ed pieces and commentaries;

c.  compiling and distributing a wide range of outreach materials, such as fact sheets, brochures, bibliographies and multi-media presentations;

d.  training citizen activists to work effectively with the news media, and

e.  providing technical assistance to investigative journalists

  1. Internet facility at its Office

2005 Assam SFAC

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