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v    NABARD and Microfinance

v    mF in India : NABARD

v     RBI Master Circular on Micro Credit, 21 August 2005

v     Best Practices in SHG Bank Linkage Programme

v    International Year of Micro credit

v    Micro Finance :RBI

v    Indian NGOs : Micro Finance

v     Organisation of Men SHGS: MANAGE

v     Virtual Library on Micro Credit and Micro Finance

v     Role of SHGs in preventing Rural Emergencies

v     Tamilnadu Rural Bazar for SHG products

v     State Bank of India and SHGs

v     Significance of Establishing linkages with SHGs and Banks

v     Summary and Recommendations of The Task Force on Supportive Policy and Regulatory Framework for microfinance

v     Grameen Bank: Bangladesh

v     16 Principles and Decision of Grameen Bank , Bangladesh

v     Micro Finance: Development Gateway

v     Micro Finance: Enterweb

v     Micro Finance: Grameen Foundation , USA

v     World Bank: Sustainability of Microfinance Self Help Groups in India : Would Federating Help?

v     Micro Finance Interventions

v     Mainstreaming Micro Finance: bridging NGO-Banker devide

v     Micro Credit Macro Hype


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