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Government Reports / Documents

Agrarian Prosperity in Assam - A Road Map from NABARD, Assam


- Forward
- Executive Summary
- Road 1 : Objectives and Approach
- Road 2 : Assam - General Impressions on Agriculture and Horticulture Sectors

- Road 3 : Road Map for Agrarian Prosperity in Assam


- Comprehensive Agriculture Policy - Need of the Hour

- Adoption of PURA

- Collaboration with North Eastern Council (NEC)


 a. Development of Agriculture

- Irrigation-crop sector-Not all in nice with rice.

- Developing farmers for Technology Transformation.

- Diversification-a development paradigm.

- Food and Agro Processing - a value addition and better commercial proposition

- Plantation and Horticulture (including bamboo)

- Contact Farming-better design for small farmers.

- Use of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) for bringing farmer  

  closer to market.

- Organic Farming and Agri-exports.

- Developing Rural Agro Industrial Complexes.

- Develop Producers Organisations/Cooperative Marketing for Efficient Marketing.

  b. Livestock - a study in contrast

- Dairy, poultry and piggery

  c. Fisheries

- Fisheries in beels, fresh water prawns, ornamental fisheries.


- Develop new generation FMCs

- Development through Panchyat Raj Institutions (PRIs)/Voluntary Organisations.

- Flood Assam with SHGs.

- Form Joint Liability Groups (JLGs) to access formal credit.

- Farmers Clubs - Bankers' Friend

- Water Users Associations (Pani Panchayats)

- Road Maps : Agriculture, Horticulture, Dairy, Poultry &  Piggery

- Brand Contours of Road Map

- PURA Model

- Agriculture - Food Related

- System of Transfer of Technology and Production Oriented Message to the Field  


- Dissemination of Proven Technology and Strategy

- Developing the Fresh Produce Value Chain

- Developing the Processed Food Value Chain

- Agriculture - Horticulture related

- Rural Agro Industrial Complexes - Design

- Road Map - Dairy

- Road Map - Poultry

- Road Map - Piggery

- Development of Fisheries - Beel Fisheries

- Development of Fisheries - Pond Fisheries

- Development of Fisheries - Ornamental Fisheries

- Development of Fisheries - Fresh Water Prawn Fisheries



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