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Assam Agricultural University   
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Milch Animal Cow, Buffalo


Poultry Broiler, Duckery

Pig Rearing - a profitable business
Hand Book on Commercial Poultry Rearing
Care and Management of Animal
Scientific Farming of Livestock for Economic Development
Animal Health Care
Care and Management of Animal During Pregnancy and after Delivery
Foot and Mouth Diseases of Animals
Scientific Cultivation of Grass- A Source of Income
Prevention of Epidemic Diseases in Poultry Farming
Selection of Domestic Animal for Breeding
Liver Fluke (Flat Worm) Management in Cattle & Buffalo
Tea Waste - a New Livestock and Poultry Feed
Water Hyacinth as a Feed for Ruminants
Livestock Feeding in Flood Affected areas in N. E. Region
Water Hyacinth - as Livestock Feed
Duck Feed
Cattle Feed
Feed for Pig
Poultry Feed at Low Cost
Tara Grass as Goat Feed
Pig Rearing - A Profitable Business
Cow Rearing for Milk Production
Composite Pig and Fish Rearing
Repeat Breeding and Silent Heat in Cow
Care of Pregnant Cow to Increase Milk Production
Deworming of Domestic Animals
Improve Technology for Preparation of Quality Cattle & Buffalo Feed from Paddy Straw
Important Points for Poultry Rearing
Pure Milk for Good Health
Economic Rabbit Production for Meat Purpose
Vaccination in Livestock
Transmission of Zoonotic Disease from Dog
Artificial Insemination for More Cow Milk Production
Symptom and Control of Disease from Worm
Simple Scientific Measures for a Few Disease
Life Stock and Fish Farming for Self Employment
A Hand Book on Management of Chara Chambelli Duck
Artificial Insemination (Procedure) and Hybrid Cow
Hog Cholera - A Problem in Pig Rearing
2. Directorate of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary, Assam Preparation of Urea Mixed Rice Straw
Hand Book on Pig Rearing (I)
Hand Book on Pig Rearing (II)
Poultry Rearing
Artificial Insemination and Dairy
Hand Book on Scientific Cultivation of Grass
3. Indian Development Gateway Dairy, Poultry, Piggery, Goat, Integrated Farming Systems


2005 Assam SFAC

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