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Assam Agricultural University
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Fish Production Practices, Disease Management

Fish Diseases
Integrated Fish Farming
Non-Conventional Method of Fish Culture
Fish Seed Industry of Assam
Current and Future Status of Fish Seed Production Industry in the State of Assam
Meen Palan
A Training Manual of Polyculture and Integrated Fish Farming
Bulletin :
Role of Eco Hatchery
Fish culture
Scientific Production of Fish 
Water Quality in Fish Culture
Fish Spawn Transportation and Conditioning
Integrated Fish - Pig Rearing
Composite Fish Cultivation
Fish Spawn Management
Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome of Fish
Fish Rearing in Flood prone Area
Fish Diseases and Management
2. Directorate of Fishery
Scientific Production of Fish: package of practice (Assamese)
Indigenous Ornamental Fishes- Its Prospect in Assam
Advantages & Disadvantages for Development of Fishery and its Preservation in Natural Water Source
Composite Fish Culture
Fish and Fish Spawn Transportation
Integrated Fish farming
Mix Fish Rearing (Single Stocking and Single harvesting System)
Advantage and Disadvantage of Fishery Development in Natural Water Source and its Preservation
3. National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources Preserve the Endanger Fishes
4. India Development Gateway Integrated farming systems in Assam
Aquaculture in Apatani plateau (Arunachal Pradesh)
Commercial Production of Carp Fry and Fingerlings
Grow-Out Carp Culture (Culturing in Ponds)
Fresh Water Prawn (Indian River Prawn) Culture
Freshwater Pearl Culture
Ornamental Fish Farming
Wastewater Treatment through Aquaculture
National Level Institutes on Fisheries in India

2005 Assam SFAC

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