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Assam Agricultural University

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Cereals :

Regular Ahu Rice (Direct Seeded); Regular Ahu Rice (Transplanted), Early Ahu (Direct Seeded), 
Early Ahu (Transplanted), 
Sali Rice, Boro Rice


Millets: Millet crown

Pulses: Lentil, Soybean, Summer Green Gram, Summer Black Gram, Pea

Oilseeds: Rai and Mustard

Forage crops- Lucern

Green Manuring Crops: Dhaincha, Subabool

Bulletin :
Package of Practice of HYV Sali Paddy
Magu Mah -Green Gram
Mati Mah - Black Gram
Sali Dhan - Sali Rice
Cultivation Practices Of High Quality Jute Production- Page-1, Page-2, Page-3, , Page-4 Page-5
Paddy Cultivation in Flood Effected Area
Bao Paddy Cultivation in Flood Effected Area
Rice Hispa and its Control
Ufra Disease in Bao Paddy and  its Control
Biological Control of Pests & Diseases in Crops
Iron Toxicity in Paddy Field and Management
Acidic Soil and Use of Lime
Guidelines in use of Pesticides
Precaution during Application of Pesticides
Vermicompost- Preparation and Application
Traditional Soil Health Measures
Use & Preservation of Cow dung Residue from Bio Gas Unit
Watershed Development
Assam towards Organic

Assam Agricultural University































Cereals :

Regular Ahu Rice (Direct Seeded); Regular Ahu Rice (Transplanted), Sali Rice, Boro Rice & Disease resistant of Recommended Varieties.



Millets:  Finger Millet (Marua)

Pulses: Black gram, Green Gram, Cowpea (Grain), Arhar (Red gram), Soybean Sesamum, Ground nut, Rice bean

Oilseeds: Rai and Mustard

Sugar Crops: Sugarcane

Fibre Crops: Jute, Jute (Seed), Mesta,  Cotton, Ramie

Forage crops- Deenanath Grass, Hybrid Napier, Cowpea & Rice bean, Maize Fodder, Teosinte,  Setaria

Other technologies

Improved Practices In Jhum Cultivation

Cropping System Recommendations

Table II : Recommendation of Insecticides (quantity/ha) against Important Pests of rice


Package of Practices for rice Hispa management

Cultivation  of Mushroom

Production Technology of Vermicompost

Commercial Production of Bio-fertilizer

Method of Application of Trichoderma spp.

Economics of Farming Systems

Varieties Suggested for deletion

Appendix I: New Technical & Trade Names of Pesticides

Appendix II: List of Pesticides /Pesticide formulation Banned in India

Appendix III: Technical and Trade Names of Fungicides/Antibiotics/
Plant Products/Antagonists

Appendix IV: Technical & Trade Names of Herbicides

Appendix V: Technical & Trade Names of Rodenticides/Fumigants and Nematicide

Appendix VI: Conversion Table

Appendix VII: Pest Management rating

Package Of Practices For Rodent Management

Package of Practices Kharif Crops of Assam (1)
Package of Practices Kharif Crops of Assam 2009
Package of practices Rabi Crops of Assam 2009







Kerala Agriculture department Crop Information





Cereals & Millets : Rice, Maize, Ragi, Sorghum

Pulses : Black Gram, Cowpea, French Bean, Green gram, Green Pea, Horse Gram, Red Gram Soybean

Oil Seeds : Groundnut ,Oil Palm , Sesame

Stimulants: Tobacco

Cash Crops: Cotton ,Sugarcane

Tubers : Amorphophallus, Colocasia, Greater Yam, Lesser yam, White Yam, Sweet potato, Tapioca




















Tamilnadu Agricultural University
Crop Production Guide 1999
















Cereals :Rice, Wheat, Millets:  Maize, Sorghum, Cumbu, Small Millets

Pulses: Red gram, Black gram, Green gram, Cowpea, Horse gram, Bengal gram, lablab, Soyabean, Sword bean.

Oilseeds: Groundnut, Gingelly, Castor, Safflower, Sunflower, Coconut, Oilpalm , Niger

Fibre Crops: Jute, Cotton, Agave



Forage crops: Cholam, cumbu, maize, guinea grass, Deenanath grass, Napier grass, Napeir hybrids, Lucerne,Cowpea, desmodium, Leucaena, Sesbania.



Agro Forestry

Integrated Farming System

Soil and Water Management and Conservation

Chisel Technology / Surge Irrigation/ Agro meteorology/

Farm Implements / Machinery

Agricultural Processing Equipments

New Varieties



Himachal Pradesh Agricultural University, Palampur

Grain Crops-Rice, Wheat, Maize, Barley
Pulse Crops- Gram, Lentil, Mung, Rajmash, Kulthi, Arhar, Mash
Oil Seed Crops- Rape Seed & Mustard, Sesamum, Toria, Linseed, Soybean, Groundnut, Sunflower
Cash Crop- Sugarcane
Forage Crops- Maize, Teosinte, Sorghum (Jowar), Cowpea,

Oilseeds: Mustard, Groundnut, Sunflower, Castor, Linseed , Niger , Safflower, Sesamum, Soya bean.




Directorate of Oilseeds Development, Telhan Bhavan, Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad-500029 (Andhra Pradesh)
(Ph.No. 235257 )


Low Cost Production Technology for Oilseeds

6. Indian Institute of Pulses Research, Kanpur Pulses (Varieties): Chick pea, Mung bean, Urd bean, Field Pea, Rajmah.
7. Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine and Storage, Faridabad Integrated Pest Management
Black Gram/Green Gram
8. Central Research Institute for Jute & Allied Fibres RAMIE (Boehmeria nivea) - a Book
MESTA (Hibiscus Cannabinus & Hibiscus Sabdariffa) - a Book
Sunnhemp (Crotalaria juncea, L) - a Book
Virus Technology for Increasing Fibre Production - a Book
9. Dr. Satish Lele Cultivation of Jetropha Curcus
10. Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture Approach Paper for Increasing Area Coverage, Production and Productivity of Oil Palm Crop


FICCI Agribusiness Information Centre

Field Crops

12. Tobacco Board , India   Tobacco 
Central Tobacco Research Institute Soils & Climate
Agronomic Practices
Curing & Grading
Control of Pest
Control of Disease
13. Central Institute for Cotton Research Cotton

Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore &

Recommended Varieties for different states

Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research

Tips for mitigating drought in sugarcane

Watershed Support Services and Activities Network

SRI Method of Paddy Cultivation

2005 Assam SFAC

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