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Breeds of pig

Exotic breeds:

At present there are about 60 breeds of recognized pigs in the world. They are: -

1.  Hampshire: A breed from U.K, which is black in colour with a white belt across the shoulder extending up to the forelimbs. Ears are erect. This breed has been reared over decades in Assam and has been very popular among the farmers in this region and may therefore be suggested for economic upliftment. 

2.  Large black: The breed is black in colour. Extensively reared in Assam and the local people of North Eastern India prefer this breed because of its black body colour. This breed has also well adapted in this region and may also be suggested for rearing.

3.  Saddle back: This breed is also black in colour with a white belt over the shoulders with drooping ears. It is prolific breeder but nicking ability is poor. This breed has also established in this region and can be popularized among the farmers.

4.  Yorkshire: A breed of U.K. with a white body coat with erect ears. This breed is not popular among the farmers.

5.  Landrace: A breed from Denmark, which is white in colour was reared in Assam Agricultural University with little success.

Indian breeds:

In India there are no recognized breeds of pigs. The indigenous (local) pigs are non-descript. The growth is less and is smaller in size. In north Eastern India, the Doom variety of pig available which is black in colour with thick hair on the neck and towards the shoulders. This variety of pig is originally from Bangladesh. Its number is decreasing. The performance is not satisfactory. However, the Doom pig of Assam is having tremendous potential for improvement. Up grading with exotic germplasm may help in increasing its body weight as well as growth. The indigenous pigs of Assam maybe utilized for improvement with exotic pigs already established in Assam and may further be suggested conservation since they produce the finest bristle in the world that can be utilized for brush industry.


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