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MART Recommendation On Assam Market Infrastructure

Infrastructure Recommended

The research team has prioritized a list of recommended infrastructural provisions, arrived at  according to their evaluation of the following consideration:

   * The opinions of all the stakeholders of the haat

   * The haat, its management and maintenance.

   * Limited availability of financial resources for creating infrastructure.

   * Preference to infrastructure that would positively impact trading/movement of

   * Infrastructural needs vary and would be chosen on a haat-by-haat basis.

   * Cost effectiveness and sustainability of infrastructure over a long period of

The recommended infrastructure priority list is given bellow

Priority  Infrastructure Priority Infrastructure
1st Drainage 7th Drinking Water for Humans
2nd Earth Filling 8th Drinking Water for Animals
3rd Urinal/Toilets 9th Overnight Storage
4th Sheds 10th Overnight Stay
5th Raised Platform 11th Electricity
6th Cycle Stand 12th Telephones

Drainage emerges as a top priority in all haats followed closely by earth filling as a second most priority. Toilets come next. Respecting socio-cultural orthodoxy, male and female toilets should be located away from each other. Though overnight storage and stay are ranked 9 & 10 on the priority list, they are a must for daily haats (predominantly wholesale markets) for reasons explained earlier. Electricity and telephone come in at the end because most haats are day events (electricity not  essential) and use of telephones is limited to traders, wherever available. The benefit that are expected to accrue from the improve infrastructure facilities are explained  below:

Priority Infrastructure 


1st Drainage Will avoid water logging and allow business to continue even on rainy days by enabling visitors to walk conveniently 
2nd Earth Filling Raising the ground level will aid drainage thereby preventing water logging
3rd Urinal/Toilets Toilets will avoid the unhealthy practice of urinating and defecating in the open.
4th Sheds Will provide protection to sellers and their produce from rain and sun
5th Raised Platform Will help to avoid produce from getting wet during monsoons and also ease loading and unloading of goods on to vehicles
6th Cycle Stand Once cycles are parked in the stand it will reduce crowding within the haat and increase walking space and help in transacting business smoothly
7th Drinking Water for Humans Considering that sellers sit all day at the haat and visitors too spend hour shopping, safe drinking water is a basic necessity and must be provided at the haat
8th Drinking Water for Animals At cattle haat drinking water provision for animals is equally essential.
9th Overnight Storage Farmers and traders can keep their produce safely for sale the next day. In the absence of this facility sellers resort to distress dale towards the end of the day and talking unsold goods back involves transport cost.
10th Overnight Stay At more frequently held haats having higher wholesaling activity it would help both wholesale and sellers if they had the facility to stay overnight to continue transacting business the next day.
11th Electricity Electricity (lighting) would aid very early morning fish haats and haats that continue late into the evening. Lighting will extend business hours and thereby business volume should grow. 
12th Telephones Communication is essential to bring trades to the haat and helps relay prices of different commodities. Haats should be provided with telephone connection (landline or WLL)


In addition to the list prioritized above there were several other suggestions that came up as part of the discussion with the respondents. These are listed bellow list and can considered at a later date, after implementing the first infrastructure priority list.

Priority  Infrastructure Priority


13th Waste Disposal 18th Public Health Clinic
14th Foot Soling 19th Vehicular Parking
15th Pucca Approach Road 20th Overhead Water Tanks
16th Cold Storage 21st Special Meat/Fish Sheds
17th Boundary 22nd Over bridge



2005 Assam SFAC

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